ZEPHYR introduces GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Valkyrie with 280mm AIO cooler

ZEPHYR introduces GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER Valkyrie with 280mm AIO cooler

Zephyr & Valkyrie collab: high-end liquid cooler RTX 4080 SUPER

Both companies have been working together since August last year. 

Zephyr will soon launch its first liquid-cooled graphics card. The new model is said to be based on GeForce RTX 4080 SUPER, and it will incorporate an all-in-one liquid cooling solution developed by company Valkyrie. According to the teaser video posted on social platform, the work on this product started five months ago (around August).

RTX 4080 SUPER Valkyrie, Source: Zephyr

The company has equipped its dual-slot GPU with an external dual 140mm radiator. It uses Valkyrie RGB fans, and it is connected to the GPU through white braided tubing. The card itself is kept in a silver color scheme, and it does not have a fan on its own. According to Zephyr, the RTX 4080 SUPER running in Furmark will not exceed 52 °C with fans keeping low 1350 RPM.

RTX 4080 SUPER Valkyrie testing, Source: Zephyr

It is worth pointing out that this model has a rear-facing 12VHWPR power connector. The pictured attached below shows the cable connected there along with all necessary cabling for the fans and presumably RGB control. The marketing team did a good job at canceling the cable, which seems to be a 90-degree connector.

RTX 4080 SUPER Valkyrie power connector, Source: Zephyr

This new RTX 4080 SUPER is confirmed to be launching soon. The company will provide further updates on its social media and confirms that the plan is to release this card after the Chinese Spring Festival. Unfortunately, no details about pricing were provided, but we can assume it will not be released on the global market.

Source: Zephyr


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