Windows 11 insider preview unveils new color management settings page

Windows 11 insider preview unveils new color management settings page

Better color management coming to Windows 11

A long-overdue update.

Windows is gearing up to deliver a significant update that will impact both gamers and professionals. The color management panel is undergoing major changes, with improved profiles management. Ever since Windows 11 came out, Microsoft is actively modernizing the Windows options integrated into the operating system, moving away from the dated look reminiscent of Windows XP, particularly in graphics and display settings.

The latest Canary and Dev builds (26052), not meant for general use, unveil a new color management panel with simplified profile control. The system can now choose the best color profile for specific apps with the help of the automatic color management for applications. Users also gain the ability to assign profiles to each connected display in a more streamlined way.

This update should be important especially to professionals who require perfect color reproduction. Worth adding that the new color management also has a built-in color calibration option.

Color management before and after, Source: Microsoft

To enable new options, one must use Dev or Canary channel first. These builds are not for everyday use as they often receive fixes that may cause unexpected behavior, especially for gaming. The new page is located in Settings > System > Display > Color management.

Source: Microsoft


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