White Xbox Series X without disc reader has been leaked

White Xbox Series X without disc reader has been leaked

The all-digital refresh of Xbox Series X is confirmed

Exputer, the same site that leaked the information about the white X console being tested, has now shared the first images. 

Xbox Series X in white, Source: Exputer

The new version does not have a physical disc reader, making it the first high-end console among the Series X models to lack this functionality. Furthermore, the heatsink is said to be upgraded, but there are no other major enhancements, claims the report.

According to the leaking site, the new version is said to be cheaper than the current X model, which retails at $499 (though it can often be found for less in reality). It is unclear if any of the planned changes from the “Brooklin” system that were leaked in the FTC court document leak will be introduced with this model, such as improved power effficiency.

Leaked Project Brooklin, Source: Microsoft/Xbox

Contrary to earlier reports, it does not appear that the new version has a USB Type-C connector on the front. However, one should note that this may not be the final retail unit, and there might still be some changes applied.

The refreshed Series X in White is thus far the only new console planned by Xbox, although there were sightings of Xbox Development Kit indicating that something else is still in development.

The new white model, along with whatever the Dev Kit presents, would compete with Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro, which has seen significant leaks regarding its specs over the past few weeks.

Source: Exputer


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