Tulpar to launch Intel Core Ultra based gaming handheld

Tulpar to launch Intel Core Ultra based gaming handheld

UK-based Tulpar shows off new handheld at Intel IEM, but we have already seen this design

Another company planning a new gaming handheld. 

At the IEM 2024 event in Katowice, Poland, the UK-based gaming equipment company Tuplar is unveiling its latest creation – a gaming handheld. This company specializes in various gaming products such laptops, keyboards, headsets, and monitors. It appears that the company may soon embark into a new market segment, as was showcased and demonstrated to attendees. People had the opportunity to use the handheld and even engage in some gaming.

The Tuplar handheld features an 8-inch screen and a standard layout with two joysticks, a D-pad, buttons, and triggers. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that the design closely resembles a handheld that surfaced months ago.

Emdoor, a company known for its work on an 8-inch screen handheld with an Intel Meteor Lake-H processor and LPDDR5X memory, seems to be the source of this design. No additional specifications were confirmed at that time, as it was before Intel introduced the new Core Ultra series.

Emdoor handheld with Meteor Lake-H, Source: Notebook Italia

Clearly, Tuplar’s use of the Emdoor OEM design for their handheld suggests that this isn’t an entirely original product and wasn’t exclusively designed by Tuplar. But this discovery opens up the possibility for other companies to follow suit, potentially adopting the Emdoor design for their handhelds and adding their logos.

In a related note, Intel has ceased funding for the NUC (Next Unit of Compute) group focused on small form factor systems. Despite this, Intel had a history of designing reference products such as the NUC Laptop Kits. The Intel ecosystem could have greatly benefited from a reference handheld design, potentially generating interest from various companies in this emerging market.

Tuplar gaming handheld, Source: Intel

The teaser from Intel does not provide any further details on device availability, not pricing.

Source: Intel


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