Rumored Intel “Bartlett Lake-S” targeting Network and Edge CPU series first, might launch with 12 P-Core variant

Rumored Intel "Bartlett Lake-S" targeting Network and Edge CPU series first, might launch with 12 P-Core variant

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Intel Bartlett Lake-S for NEX systems first, consumer variants not ruled out

According to Benchlife, a site known for leaking various Intel roadmaps, the rumored Bartlett Lake-S is indeed coming, but the initial focus will be on the Network and Edge CPU series. 

The site reiterates the rumor that Bartlett Lake-S will be using the same Intel 7 node and same silicon as Raptor Lake S-Refresh. This means that series will feature up to 24 cores and 32 threads by utilizing 8 P-Cores and 16 E-Cores.

Benchlife claims that Bartlett Lake-S is primarily targeting the Network and Edge (NEX) group of products at Intel. Worth noting that this was also mentioned by Red Gaming Tech, who recently provide new information on the product.

However, information from the supply chain suggests that Intel Bartlett Lake-S is primarily targeting Network and Edge applications, specifically the product line of Intel’s NEX (Network and Edge) business group.

— Benchlife (translation)

The new information is suggesting that Bartlett Lake-S will also come with 12 P-Core option without E-Cores. Intel has no such SKU in its entire LGA1700 lineup with the highest tier product featuring only 8 P-Cores. However, there are SKUs that feature 12 E-Cores, such as the Core i7-14700 series.

Overall, it appears that both media gained access to the same roadmap listing Bartlett product line, but the roadmap is specifically from Intel NEX group. Neither report rules out that Bartlett Lake-S will be coming to the consumer product tier (the Core series), but this has not been confirmed yet.

Ultimately, it is too early to tell, but there is an agreement that such a product does, in fact, exist. If launched, Bartlett Lake-S could become Intel’s last product supporting the older LGA-1700 socket and DDR4 memory, something that will not be present on the LGA-1851 platform for Arrow Lake-S.

Source: Benchlife, Red Gaming Tech


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