Qualcomm wants to launch ‘desktop’ AIO PCs with Snapdragon X series

Qualcomm wants to launch 'desktop' AIO PCs with Snapdragon X series

Qualcomm to power AIO PCs

Technically, that’s desktop. 

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite AIO PCs, Source: The Verge/Qualcomm

Qualcomm has announced an expansion of its Snapdragon X Elite series into a broader range of devices. The first wave of these ARM-based chips for Windows on ARM will target laptops, with up to 22 systems expected to launch by mid-June. Qualcomm aims to power more devices, including Mini-PCs and desktops, with these processors.

The company has also introduced its own Dev Kit, which is essentially a Mini-PC. This Dev Kit is available for purchase by anyone, not just developers. Qualcomm is also looking to move into new form factors, such as desktop PCs. While the company is not expected to enter the DIY PC market at this time, it is hinting at new systems, including all-in-one PCs which are business-oriented monitors with built-in PCs.

Qualcomm CEO teases AIO PCs, Source: Tom’s Hardware

Qualcomm has an advantage as the first company to launch Copilot+ PCs, ahead of Intel and AMD. Intel has not yet announced when its Core Ultra 200V series will be available, while AMD has confirmed over 100 systems featuring Ryzen AI 300, with some set to launch in July. Clearly, Qualcomm is not in a rush.

Neither Qualcomm, AMD, nor Intel have yet provided independent media with access to their new Copilot+ devices. So far, Qualcomm has only shared their own slides or results from Microsoft commissioned reviews, which definitely serve their interests.

Source: Tom’s Hardware, The Verge


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