NVIDIA preparing RTX 2000 ADA workstation desktop GPU

NVIDIA preparing RTX 2000 ADA workstation desktop GPU

NVIDIA to launch RTX 2000 based on ADA

Sixth workstation GPU in this generation.

NVIDIA is about to drop a new graphics card – the RTX 2000 “ADA”. Another model with no power connectors needed. This model is part of the workstation series. This is actually the last SKU to be replaced from Ampere series, as NVIDIA has not released its RTX 2000 model until now.

Based on current information, we have retailer listings that hint at a price approximately half of the RTX 4000 ADA model. Additionally, we have the very first render of this model, albeit in lower resolution.

It appears that NVIDIA will launch two models (listed prices)

  • NVIDIA RTX 2000E ADA (900-5G192-2250-E00): ~$500-630
  • NVIDIA RTX 2000 ADA (900-5G192-2541-000): ~$600-650

As far as we can tell, the E-variant appears to be focusing on enterprises with long-term support, while the non-E is simply a workstation GPU. The changes in specs are unclear.

RTX 2000 ADA specs, Source:

The RTX 2000 “ADA” is set to adopt the cooling design of its counterpart, the RTX 4000 SFF (Small Form Factor). Notably, this model won’t require any external power sources, indicating a potential TDP equal to or below 70W, ensuring both efficiency and cool operation.

The product listing spills the beans on the specs, revealing an 8GB GDDR6 memory configuration. What’s interesting is the detail about the PCIe support at 4.0×16, if this model would use AD106 GPU then the PCIe would be limited to 8 lanes. However, just assuming that this is true, then we are looking at yet another AD104 model.

NVIDIA is set to announce this new card next week.

VideoCardz.com Picture GPU CUDA Cores Memory MSRP
RTX 6000 ADA AD102
RTX 5880 ADA AD102 ?
RTX 5000 ADA AD104
RTX 4500 ADA AD104
RTX 4000 ADA AD104
RTX 4000 SFF ADA AD104


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