NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 laptop series launch in 2025 with 16GB, 12GB and 8GB GDDR7 variants

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 laptop series launch in 2025 with 16GB, 12GB and 8GB GDDR7 variants

NVIDIA GN22 series aka RTX 50 Laptop GPU appears in leaked Clevo materials

The next-gen series are launching in 2025.

NVIDIA is planning up to six variants of the GeForce RTX 50 series for laptops. The new generation, codenamed GN22, appears as a 2025 product in leaked Clevo roadmaps. This company was reportedly the subject of interest of a hacking group, which has now released the documents to the public.

The RTX 50 series would come in six variants, codenamed X11, X9, X7, X6, X4, and X2 respectively from the best to slowest SKU. Two boards are being designed by Clevo, each encompassing three variants. This suggests that GB203 and GB205 GPUs, as well as GB206 and GB207 GPUs, will be used independently. However, the roadmaps claim that these GPUs may not be pin compatible.

NVIDIA GeForce GN22 series (RTX 50 Laptop GPU), Source: Dominic Alvieri/Clevo

Interestingly, NVIDIA is not phasing out its RTX 4050, RTX 3050, and RTX 2050 graphics cards. These models will continue to be sold in 2025, but the RTX 2050 is seemingly being replaced by the RTX 3050 4GB later.

The most interesting detail is about the memory configurations. NVIDIA is no longer planning a 6GB variant to launch under its RTX 50 Laptop GPU series, but instead three SKUs with 8GB memory. There will also be two variants with 16GB and one with 12GB. All of which will use GDDR7 memory. Further documents claims that NVIDIA will be lowering the max TGP for some variants.

The roadmap appears to confirm that the NVIDIA RTX 50 Laptop GPU series will be released in 2025. The GN22 Board 1 is said to enter production in January 2025, while GN22 Board 2 is expected to debut in March 2025.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX Mobile
VideoCardz Codename GPU CUDA Cores Memory TGP (Min/GPU/Max)
GeForce RTX 50 Laptop GPU (GDDR7)
RTX 5090 GN22-X11 GB203 (?) TBC
RTX 50×0 GN22-X9 GB203 (?) TBC
RTX 50×0 GN22-X7 GB205 (?) TBC
RTX 50×0 GN22-X6 GB206 (?) TBC
RTX 50×0 GN22-X4 GB206 (?) TBC
RTX 5050 GN22-X2 GB207 (?) TBC
GeForce RTX 40 Laptop GPU (GDDR6)
RTX 4090 GN21-X11 AD103
RTX 4080 GN21-X9 AD104
RTX 4070 GN21-X6 AD106
RTX 4060 GN21-X4 AD107
RTX 4050 GN21-X2 AD107

Source: Dominic Alvieri


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