NVIDIA App gets built-in automatic overclocking for GeForce GPUs which will not invalidate warranty

NVIDIA App gets built-in automatic overclocking for GeForce GPUs which will not invalidate warranty

NVIDIA App updates: AV1 120 FPS recordings and auto-tuning (OC)

NVIDIA didn’t announce any new hardware during the Computex keynote, but there were some interesting software updates. The NVIDIA App, the new control center for GeForce GPUs, is getting an update that introduces support for AV1 video recordings and overclocking.

AV1 120 FPS recording

Users can now record their gameplay at 120 FPS in both SDR and HDR formats. The AV1 codec, a royalty-free format now supported by many software platforms, requires powerful GPUs to record and encode videos in high quality and framerate. For gamers, this means lower storage requirements, for others this means higher quality streaming. This feature will be available for the RTX 40 series.

NVIDIA showcased this capability in “Horizon Forbidden West,” demonstrating fewer blocky artifacts in a single frame. According to NVIDIA, AV1 encoding reduces color banding and significantly adds more detail.

(NVIDIA GeForce) Record Your Gameplay at 120fps in AV1! | NVIDIA app Beta (1,061 views)

To enable this feature, users should go to the NVIDIA App Settings tab and set the video capture framerate to 120 FPS.

NVIDIA App Auto Tuning

NVIDIA’s most exciting new feature is automatic performance tuning. The NVIDIA App will automatically scan and choose the best settings for both desktop and mobile GPUs. These settings will be applied automatically, though advanced users can manually control voltage, power, temperature, or fan speeds to meet their specific needs.

NVIDIA states that once enabled, the auto-tuning feature will perform regular scans to ensure optimal GPU performance. Full tests may take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the settings. NVIDIA recommends leaving the system unattended to achieve the best results.

Auto-Tuning, Source: NVIDIA

The good news is that this type of overclocking will not void the warranty. NVIDIA assures that no cards will be damaged by using this feature. Regardless of what NVIDIA says, if you encounter any problems, be sure to report them to NVIDIA.

Source: NVIDIA


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