NVIDIA AIB shipments reach 88% of market share, highest in two decades

NVIDIA AIB shipments reach 88% of market share, highest in two decades

NVIDIA AIB shipments now at 88% market share

NVIDIA dominates the AIB GPU market.

In the last quarter, NVIDIA shipped around 7.7 million GPUs to add-in-board (AIB) partners. This refers to discrete desktop GPUs, including gaming and workstation series, with the former representing the vast majority. Even 1.5 years after the launch of the RTX 40 series, NVIDIA shipments are increasing quarter by quarter (by 0.1 million units). Shipments increased, even despite lower overall GPU shipments in the first quarter, which still allowed NVIDIA to secure the largest piece of the market share.

In comparison, AMD shipped 1 million units, down from 1.8 million last quarter. AMD shipments now represent 12% of the market share, while Intel shipments are decreasing. Shipments of Arc Gaming and Arc Pro GPUs have seemingly reached their lowest point since launch, now estimated at 0.05 million, down from 0.3 million when the series came out. This means Intel’s market share is now 0%, down from 4% last year.

GPU Shipments, Source: Jon Peddie Research

Excluding Intel, the market share chart from 3DCenter, which dates back to the GeForce FX and Radeon 9000 era, shows that NVIDIA has steadily increased its market share over the past 22 years. This growth has continued despite several spikes in the popularity of Radeon GPUs, particularly during the crypto mining boom.

AIB Market Share, Source: 3DCenter

Jon Peddie says the GPU industry hopes for a return to the seasonality of GPU shipments, which was disrupted in 2008 during the economic crisis, later by the crypto craze, COVID, and the war in Ukraine. The fact that neither AMD, NVIDIA, nor Intel provided clear information about their next-gen GPU launches at Computex, despite each company hosting a keynote, also doesn’t inspire confidence that the GPU market will ever recover its seasonality.

Currently, NVIDIA is expected to announce their GeForce RTX 50 series this year, while AMD and Intel are now claimed to be launching their new GPU series in 2025, according to Tweakers, who based their claim on Computex whispers. With its dominant position in the AIB business, NVIDIA is expected to cement this lead further. Moreover, neither AMD nor Intel are expected to launch high-end/enthusiast-class GPUs, leaving this market entirely to NVIDIA.

The good news is that AMD and Intel are set to introduce next-gen integrated graphics in the coming months. This market is becoming increasingly important to the PC industry and could potentially replace entry-level GPU solutions in the future.

Source: 3DCenter, Jon Peddie Research


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