MSI shows off dragon-themed GeForce RTX 40 “AI Generated” GPU designs

MSI shows off dragon-themed GeForce RTX 40 "AI Generated" GPU designs

MSI shows weird AI-generated GPU designs

Perhaps the future of GPU designs or an idea that will never go into production. 

MSI showcased a wide array of GeForce RTX 40 series cards at Computex, highlighting two unique designs: the FUZION series with built-in AIO cooling solutions and the concept “AI Generated Editions.”

These AI Generated Editions feature custom 3D-printed elements, such as dragon figures emerging from the card, which go beyond just new shrouds. Despite their innovative appearance, these designs present challenges. The 3D-printed components can obstruct airflow also making it difficult to ship such a product. Because of this, MSI is unlikely to release these GPUs to the market.

At Computex, MSI displayed three of these concept cards based on the RTX 4060 and RTX 4090 SKUs. While they aren’t expected to hit the market soon, these designs could inspire future innovations in GPU aesthetics.

MSI AI-Generated RTX 40 GPU, Source: Wccftech/hongxing

The RTX 4090 showcased at Computex is based on the SUPRIM version, featuring a triple-fan setup and a green color scheme. Despite this, it doesn’t look anything like the traditional SUPRIM design. This suggests that while the heatsink and fans are from the SUPRIM model, the entire shroud has been replaced with an AI-generated design.

MSI AI-Generated RTX 40 GPU, Source: Wccftech

As mentioned, MSI is unlikely to release these cards to the market. These concept designs are primarily for attracting attention at Computex booths. Using AI allowed MSI to add a buzzword to their product and demonstrate the capabilities of current generative ML technologies. However, the showcase lacked details on how these designs were achieved, it just looks like a few 3D parts put together.

Source: MSI, hongxing2020, Wccftech


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