Intel unveils “Lunar Lake” with LionCove & Skymont CPU Cores and Xe2 GPU

Intel unveils "Lunar Lake" with LionCove & Skymont CPU Cores and Xe2 GPU

Intel Unveils Lunar Lake Architecture

Lunar Lake sets a new standard for performance and efficiency in nextgeneration client products.

June 4, 2024 — At the Intel Technology Tour in Taiwan, Yaron Alankry, vice president of Client
Computing Group and general manager of Silicon Engineering, and Arik Gihon, senior principal
engineer of SoC Architecture, detailed the architecture behind Lunar Lake processors, which will
deliver huge improvements to performance and power efficiency when launched this year.
Intel designed Lunar Lake to deliver:

  • Breakthrough x86 power efficiency.
  • A massive leap in graphics for a great mobile gaming experience.
  • Unmatched future-ready AI compute for an outstanding user experience.
  • Exceptional core performance.
  • Extended scalability to scale up Lunar Lake architecture to the next generations.

Accelerating On-Device AI for laptop PCs; New Architecture Delivers 3x AI Compute and Incredible Power-Efficiency

Beyond the data center, Intel is scaling its AI footprint at the edge and in the PC. With more than 90,000 edge deployments and 200 million CPUs delivered to the ecosystem, Intel has enabled enterprise choice for decades.

Today the AI PC category is transforming every aspect of the compute experience, and Intel is at the forefront of this category-creating moment. It’s no longer just about faster processing speeds or sleeker designs, but rather creating edge devices that learn and evolve in real time – anticipating user needs, adapting to their preferences, and heralding an entirely new era of productivity, efficiency and creativity.

AI PCs are projected to make up 80% of the PC market by 2028, according to Boston Consulting Group. In response, Intel has moved quickly to create the best hardware and software platform for the AI PC, enabling more than 100 independent software vendors (ISVs), 300 features and support of 500 AI models across its Core Ultra platform.

Quickly building on these unmatched advantages, the company today revealed the architectural details of Lunar Lake – the flagship processor for the next generation of AI PCs. With a massive leap in graphics and AI processing power, and a focus on power-efficient compute performance for the thin-and-light segment, Lunar Lake will deliver up to 40% lower SoC power3 and more than 3 times the AI compute8. It’s expected to ship in the third quarter of 2024, in time for the holiday buying season.

Lunar Lake’s all-new architecture will enable:

  • New Performance-cores (P-cores) and Efficient-cores (E-cores) deliver significant performance and energy efficiency improvements.
  • A fourth-generation Intel neural processing unit (NPU) with up to 48 tera-operations per second (TOPS) of AI performance. This powerful NPU delivers up to 4x AI compute over the previous generation, enabling corresponding improvements in generative AI.
  • An all-new GPU design, code-named Battlemage, combines two new innovations: Xe2 GPU cores for graphics and Xe Matrix Extension (XMX) arrays for AI. The Xe2 GPU cores improve gaming and graphics performance by 1.5x over the previous generation, while the new XMX arrays enable a second AI accelerator with up to 67 TOPS of performance for extraordinary throughput in AI content creation.
  • Advanced low-power island, a novel compute cluster and Intel innovation that handles background and productivity tasks with extreme efficiency, enabling amazing laptop battery life.

CPU: Lion Cove & Skymont

As others prepare to enter the AI PC market, Intel is already shipping at scale, delivering more AI PC processors through 2024’s first quarter than all competitors together. Lunar Lake is set to power more than 80 different AI PC designs from 20 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Intel expects to deploy more than 40 million Core Ultra processors in market this year.

GPU: Xe2 Core

NPU: Next-gen NPU4

As Gordon Moore famously said, “Whatever has been done, can be outdone,” and Intel stands as the vanguard of this relentless pursuit of progress. With global scale spanning client, edge, data center and cloud, a robust ecosystem grounded in open standards, and powerful, cost-effective solutions, Intel is not just powering AI everywhere; it is shaping its future. Today’s announcements are not just a technological leap, but an invitation to customers and partners to seize unprecedented possibilities and pioneer the next era of their own innovations.

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