Intel starts sunsetting process for Ponte Vecchio GPU, focuses on Gaudi 2/3 and Falcon Shores

Intel starts sunsetting process for Ponte Vecchio GPU, focuses on Gaudi 2/3 and Falcon Shores

Intel Ponte Vecchio makes room for Falcon Shores

According to Serve The Home (STH), Intel is in a process of sunsetting its Ponte Vecchio program. 

One of Intel’s most ambitious projects at INtel, the Ponte Vecchio GPU, is nearing its conclusion. The company has reportedly informed its partners that the process of sunsetting the project has already started. Intel customers planning on utilizing the company’s technology should prioritize the Gaudi 2/3 AI accelerators or await the next-generation data-center GPU, Falcon Shores, according to reports.

Intel told partners last week that Ponte Vecchio is starting its sunsetting process. Instead, it seems like Intel is focusing its production capacity on the Intel Gaudi 2/ Intel Gaudi 3 and then ramping its converged HPC and AI Falcon Shores GPU for 2025.

— Serve The Home

The world first heard about Ponte Vecchio in 2019 when VideoCardz leaked the codename ahead of the announcement. This project was one of the key initiatives launched by Intel’s GPU division, led by Raja Koduri. From that point, the company has developed several GPU architectures spanning from data centers (Xe-HPC) to servers (Xe-HP), gaming (Xe-HPG), and later to mobile form factors (Xe-LPG).

Some of these were successful, while others faced delays and tough competition. However, Intel succeeded in establishing its Xe GPU architecture, now present in all modern Intel CPUs and soon to be updated to second generation Xe2 core.

Ponte Vecchio GPU, Source: Intel

The focus is now shifting to other products like the Intel Gaudi 2/3 and the Falcon Shores GPU, expected to hit the market in 2025. Ponte Vecchio, initially revealed at SC19, was praised for its engineering complexity. Intel customers will still be able to buy Ponte Vecchio clusters and software development will continue. This development is necessary for the successor, Falcon Shores, after Intel axed the Rialto Bridge last year.

Falcon Shores GPU, Source: Intel

Source: ServeTheHome


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