Intel Lunar Lake MX processor pictured on a reference platform, specs confirmed

Intel Lunar Lake MX processor pictured on a reference platform, specs confirmed

Intel Lunar Lake-MX rumors confirmed by Igor’sLAB

The site does not really provide new information but confirms that existing rumors are indeed true. 

Lunar Lake-MX, Source: Igor’s LAB

The only trully new thing in Igor’s report is a picture of the Intel Lunar Lake-M processor package on a reference or validation platform. The board features a non-standard mounting system that allows engineers to perform tests with quick cooling disassembly. It shows the package with multiple dies and two LPDDR5X memory chips.

Igor also confirms that pretty much all the leaks that we have witnessed in the past few months are indeed true. This isn’t surprising, though, given that we have literally seen Intel’s own slides. Starting with the CPU part, the new low-power series will feature an 8-core config consisting of 4 Lion Cove P-cores and 4 Skymont E-Cores. Igor confirms that the compute tile will be manufactured using the TSMC N3B process.

Lunar Lake-MX, Source: Igor’s LAB

The graphics will indeed feature Arc Battlemage-based Xe2-LPG architecture with up to 8 Xe2-Cores with 64 Xe2 Execution Units, which means up to 1024 shaders since Xe2 cores have doubled EU count per Xe2-Core over predecessor (Xe-LPG). This is particularly interesting if we consider Meteor Lake’s 8 Xe-Core setup, as Lunar Lake could theoretically be ‘significantly faster than its predecessors and almost doubles the performance in some internal tests,’ notes Igor. This could be an interesting solution for low-power gaming consoles, which would no doubt have even better power efficiency and yet more GPU performance.

The Intel Lunar Lake MX platform is now set to launch by the end of this year. It will power lightweight laptops, tablets, and devices that prioritize battery life over performance. The architecture will also be similar to Arrow Lake, a bit more high-end offering for desktops and gaming laptops, but in this case, the series will use older Xe-LPG graphics.

RUMORED Intel Mainstream CPU Series
VideoCardz Alder Lake Raptor Lake (Refresh) Meteor Lake Arrow Lake Lunar Lake
Platform Desktop/Mobile Desktop/Mobile Mobile Desktop/Mobile Mobile
Compute Tile Node Intel 7 Intel 7 Intel 4 Intel 20A TSMC N3B
Big Core µArch Golden Cove Raptor Cove Redwood Cove Lion Cove Lion Cove
Small Core µArch  Gracemont Gracemont Crestmont Skymont Skymont
Graphics µArch Xe-LP Xe-LP Xe-LPG Xe-LPG Xe2-LPG
Launch Year 2021 2022 2023 2024 2024

Source: Igor’sLAB


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