Intel launches Xeon 6700E “Sierra Forest” CPU series with up to 144 cores

Intel launches Xeon 6700E "Sierra Forest" CPU series with up to 144 cores

Intel Accelerates AI Everywhere, Redefines Power, Performance and Affordability

With Intel Xeon 6 processors, Gaudi accelerators and Lunar Lake architecture, Intel delivers the best of AI across cloud, networking, client and edge solutions.

TAIPEI, Taiwan, June 4, 2024 – Today at Computex, Intel unveiled cutting-edge technologies and architectures poised to dramatically accelerate the AI ecosystem – from the data center, cloud and network to the edge and PC. With more processing power, leading-edge power efficiency and low total cost of ownership (TCO), customers can now capture the complete AI system opportunity.

News Highlights:

  • Launches Intel® Xeon® 6 processors with Efficient-cores (E-cores), delivering performance and power efficiency for high-density, scale-out workloads in the data center. Enables 3:1 rack consolidation, rack-level performance gains of up to 4.2x and performance per watt gains of up to 2.6x1.
  • Announces pricing for Intel® Gaudi® 2 and Intel® Gaudi® 3 AI accelerator kits, delivering high performance with up to one-third lower cost compared to competitive platforms2. The combination of Xeon processors with Gaudi AI accelerators in a system offers a powerful solution for making AI faster, cheaper and more accessible.
  • Unveils Lunar Lake client processor architecture to continue to grow the AI PC category. The next generation of AI PCs – with breakthrough x86 power efficiency and no-compromise application compatibility – will deliver up to 40% lower system-on-chip (SoC) power when compared with the previous generation3.

“AI is driving one of the most consequential eras of innovation the industry has ever seen,” said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger. “The magic of silicon is once again enabling exponential advancements in computing that will push the boundaries of human potential and power the global economy for years to come.”

Gelsinger continued, “Intel is one of the only companies in the world innovating across the full spectrum of the AI market opportunity – from semiconductor manufacturing to PC, network, edge and data center systems. Our latest Xeon, Gaudi and Core Ultra platforms, combined with the power of our hardware and software ecosystem, are delivering the flexible, secure, sustainable and cost-effective solutions our customers need to maximize the immense opportunities ahead.”

Modernizing the Data Center for AI: Intel Xeon 6 Processors Improve Performance and Power Efficiency for High-Density, Scale-Out Workloads

As digital transformations accelerate, companies face mounting pressures to refresh their aging data center systems to capture cost savings, achieve sustainability goals, maximize physical floor and rack space, and create brand-new digital capabilities across the enterprise.

The entire Xeon 6 platform and family of processors is purpose-built for addressing these challenges with both E-core (Efficient-core) and P-core (Performance-core) SKUs to address the broad array of use cases and workloads, from AI and other high-performance compute needs to scalable cloud-native applications. Both E-cores and P-cores are built on a compatible architecture with a shared software stack and an open ecosystem of hardware and software vendors.

The first of the Xeon 6 processors to debut is the Intel Xeon 6 E-core (code-named Sierra Forest), which is available beginning today. Xeon 6 P-cores (code-named Granite Rapids) are expected to launch next quarter.

With high core density and exceptional performance per watt, Intel Xeon 6 E-core delivers  efficient compute with significantly lower energy costs. The improved performance with increased power efficiency is perfect for the most demanding high-density, scale-out workloads, including cloud-native applications and content delivery networks, network microservices and consumer digital services.

Additionally, Xeon 6 E-core has tremendous density advantages, enabling rack-level consolidation of 3-to-1, providing customers with a rack-level performance gain of up to 4.2x and performance per watt gain of up to 2.6x when compared with 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® processors on media transcode workloads1. Using less power and rack space, Xeon 6 processors free up compute capacity and infrastructure for innovative new AI projects.

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