Intel Arrow Lake reportedly confirmed to launch as Core Ultra 200 series, Raptor Lake-H Refresh coming as Core 200H

Intel Arrow Lake reportedly confirmed to launch as Core Ultra 200 series, Raptor Lake-H Refresh coming as Core 200H

Intel Core 200 series confirmed to host Arrow Lake and Raptor Lake CPUs

The new series naming has been confirmed, claims a reputable leaker. 

As expected, Intel is set to release its upcoming client series known as Arrow Lake, which will be a part of the Core Ultra 200 series. This possibility has been speculated for some time, especially considering that Arrow Lake is expected to follow the Meteor Lake “Core Ultra 100” series on the mobile platform.

The confirmation of this news comes from Golden Pig Upgrade, a hardware leaker and tech reviewer with a solid track record. Additionally, it’s reported that Intel will once again refresh its Raptor Lake-H mobile series. These are expected to be included in the Core 200H lineup, which will not feature the Ultra designation, similarly to what we observed with Raptor Lake-U within the Core 100U series.

Intel Core Ultra 200 is Arrow Lake, Source: Bilibili

The first-generation Arrow Lake series isn’t expected to boast more cores than Meteor Lake. As a result, the Core Ultra 200 SKUs are likely to have similar, if not identical, core counts to Meteor Lake on the mobile platform. The new series is also expected to incorporate 2 Low-Power cores located in the I/O die, forming what’s known as the Low-Power Island.

If the reports regarding the Raptor Lake-H refresh are accurate, this would mark the second generation in which Intel is refreshing this particular series. While it remains uncertain what changes Intel might introduce to the silicon, it seems clear that Raptor Lake-H will primarily target mid-range to entry-level segments.

Concluding the 200 series lineup is Lunar Lake-MX, which succeeds Meteor Lake-U. However, it’s worth noting that this series may adopt an entirely different naming scheme, similar to Ice Lake or Tiger Lake.

Intel Core Generations 13th Gen Core 14th Gen Core Core 100 Core 200
Core-S Raptor Lake-S  Raptor Lake Refresh-S Arrow Lake-S
Core-H(X)  Raptor Lake-H(X)  Raptor Lake Refresh-H(X) Meteor Lake-H Arrow Lake-H(X)
Raptor Lake Refresh-H
Core-U  Raptor Lake-U  Raptor Lake Refresh-U Meteor Lake-U
Raptor Lake Refresh-U
Lunar Lake-MX

Source: Golden Pig Upgrade (Bilibili) via HXL


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