Exclusive: Qualcomm Snapdragon X “Oryon V2” and “V3” series arriving in 2025 and 2027

Exclusive: Qualcomm Snapdragon X "Oryon V2" and "V3" series arriving in 2025 and 2027

Dell XPS Qualcomm leak: next-gen Snapdragon X series in mid-2025

Qualcomm Snapdragon X Gen2 and Gen3 already in the planing.

Qualcomm is said to be launching X Series processors this month, with the first laptops arriving as early as May 20. This is the day ASUS will introduce its first laptops powered by Qualcomm’s new chips and ARM architecture. However, Qualcomm is yet to discuss its plans for the successor of the X Series, which may heavily be driven by the success of the first-generation product.

According to the Dell XPS roadmap, the “Oryon V2” series, possibly named Snapdragon X Gen2, will launch around in the second half of 2025. Dell is expected to use these chips in their 2026 XPS 14 Huracan laptop series, which should also use Panther Lake chips. The company is aiming for a 40W TDP in this case.

Qualcomm X Series

  • Qualcomm Oryon V2: 2H 2025
  • Qualcomm Oryon V3: Late 2027

There is also an XPS 13 Divo chassis, which is said to use Lunar Lake-MX and targeting a 20W TDP. Here, Dell is also expected to use second-generation Snapdragon X series chips.

At the bottom of the slide, one can see QC Oryon V3 being mentioned for late 2027. This product does not appear with any product, and it is most likely not expected to be part of the XPS lineup until 2028.

Dell XPS Roadmap, Source: Dell

Clearly, Qualcomm has a multi-year plan for its Snapdragon X processors, and the first generation powering the XPS 13 Plus series will not be the only product based on Qualcomm. However, the success of this product will define the future of XPS and Qualcomm’s plans.

Source: Note to editors: Credit VideoCardz as source, Direct Link: Dell (Scribd).


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