Exclusive: Dell XPS 16 laptop may integrate AMD CPU in 2027

Exclusive: Dell XPS 16 laptop may integrate AMD CPU in 2027

Dell considering AMD chips for its 2027 premium XPS laptop:

XPS laptops with AMD, but don’t expect them anytime soon. 

It looks like Dell will finally launch within its premium XPS line based on AMD processor series. Historically, there hasn’t been an AMD XPS desktop or laptop since 2009, when Dell launched the XPS 625 desktop with a Phenom II processor. The company did use AMD GPUs for several of their systems, but those were not in a mobile form factor.

In 2027, AMD appears alongside Intel and Qualcomm (QC) within the most powerful variant of the XPS series called “16 Performante”. The design could move to 2028, but the point is, this is the only AMD-powered laptop that appears on the whole roadmap until that year.

AMD in Dell XPS 16 in 2027, Source: Dell

While Dell has or will be updating its XPS 16 line with Meteor Lake, Arrow Lake, Panther Lake, and later Nova Lake, there is no XPS laptop listed with an AMD chip. Unfortunately, the roadmap does not mention which AMD chip such a laptop would use. The first high-end product launching next year is the Strix Halo, and this product is not mentioned in this roadmap.

Dell XPS Roadmap, Source: Dell

Perhaps the forward-looking roadmap is just mentioning the possibility of an AMD chip being added to the XPS line, but nothing seems set in stone. The timeline under the roadmap only shows Intel and Qualcomm series, which at that point could feature Nova Lake and V3 Oryon (Snapdragon X Gen3).

Source: VideoCardz

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