Cybertruck Mini (PC) is apparently a thing

Cybertruck Mini (PC) is apparently a thing

Cybertruck PC

Jumper Tech shows off new design. 

Cybertruck Mini-PC, Source: Domenico Lamberti

The latest mini-PC showcased by a company called Jumper Tech seems to be inspired by Tesla’s iconic Cybertruck. It has a futuristic look, but two-thirds of the design appear nonsensical from a computer standpoint.

The main PC components seem to be hidden in the trunk, taking advantage of the Cybertruck’s ample space. Apparently, all four doors can be opened, and it seems one door may function as a power switch. While the headlights and tail lights illuminate, their specific purpose—whether indicating PC activity or storage status—is unclear.

Cybertruck Mini-PC, Source: Domenico Lamberti

Regarding the connectors, accessing them requires opening the back bumper, as they are concealed there. Among the ports available are a power connector, one USB Type-A, two USB Type-C, and HDMI ports.

However, despite the intriguing design, the company has not provided any specifications, release date, or pricing information. It seems likely that this mini-PC is merely a showcase for Computex, rather than an imminent product release.

Comparison Tesla Cybertruck Mini (PC) Tesla Cybertruck (Car) KFConsole
Processor Some Good Hardware Custom AMD Zen+ & RDNA2 Intel Core i9-9980HK & RTX 2060
GPU Power Enough to use HDMI 10 TFLOPS 6.5 TFLOPS
Performance Target 4K glances per minute up to 130 MPH 4K with RT
MSRP Less than $100K $100K Never Released
Size About 50 cm 5.6 meters Small
Release Date No date 2024 Never Released
Features Self Updating Self Driving Comes with a Chicken Chamber

Source: Domenico Lamberti


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