Core Ultra 5 238V is the first known Intel Lunar Lake CPU with 32GB LPDDR5X memory on package

Core Ultra 5 238V is the first known Intel Lunar Lake CPU with 32GB LPDDR5X memory on package

Intel Core Ultra 5 238V “Lunar Lake” CPU with 32GB LPDDR5X memory spotted

The difference between 238V and 234V is memory size. 

Spotted through some data mining by InstLatx64 is the second Lunar Lake SKU name of Core Ultra 5 238V. This processor is said to feature the exact same configuration as the already leaked (through the same source) Core Ultra 5 234V, with only a change to the memory configuration.

Lunar Lake is Intel’s second-generation Core Ultra product intended for low-power devices (8W-30W) designed to feature the company’s latest CPU and GPU architectures combined with a new AI accelerator. Through some leaked documents, we learned that the package is said to feature two dies: CPU with graphics and the SoC. However, the package will also have two integrated LPDDR5X memory modules (Memory on Package/MoP), which will massively reduce the footprint of such configurations.


The Core Ultra 200V series is said to feature LPDDR5X-8533 memory, and there are two configurations planned, either 32GB or 16GB of memory. The Core Ultra 5 234V is said to employ 16GB, while the newly discovered 238V comes with 32GB of capacity. Those are the most important differences between both models, with others probably being the clocks, but those are not fully confirmed.

Core Ultra 200V (Lunar Lake) details, Source: YuuKi_Ans/Intel

What we know about Lunar Lake is that the CPU will combine 4 Lion Cove P-Cores and 4 Skymont E-cores, and this configuration is expected on all Core Ultra 5 and Core Ultra 7 models. The latter will feature 8 Xe2-Cores, where “2” denotes “Xe2-LPG,” also known as Battlemage architecture, while the former gets 7 Xe2-Cores. This is, in fact, the first known product featuring Intel’s new graphics.

As far as leaks go, one should expect at least four SKUs in the Lunar Lake series, two of which have their names already disclosed:

Intel Core Ultra 200V “Lunar Lake”
VideoCardz CPU
AI Acceleration
Memory on Package
Core Ultra 7 2xxV
Core Ultra 7 2xxV
Core Ultra 5 238V
Core Ultra 5 234V

The Lunar Lake CPU series will be launched alongside Arrow Lake, which is said to feature the same CPU architectures but with more cores. Arrow Lake will also launch for the mobile platform; however, it will target higher power (gaming) systems and will sacrifice higher core count in exchange for older, less capable Xe-LPG (Alchemist) graphics.

RUMORED Intel Mainstream CPU Series
VideoCardz 12th Gen Core 13/14th Gen Core Core Ultra 100 Core Ultra 200
Alder Lake Raptor Lake (Refresh) Meteor Lake Arrow Lake Lunar Lake
Platform Desktop/Mobile Desktop/Mobile Mobile Desktop/Mobile Mobile
Core µArch Golden Cove  Gracemont Raptor Cove
Redwood Cove
Lion Cove
Graphics µArch Xe-LP Xe-LP Xe-LPG Xe-LPG Xe2-LPG
Launch Year 2021 2022 2023 2024 2024

Source: Intel via InstLatX64


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