AYN’s new handheld looks like Sony PSP, weights 320g and features Mini-LED display

AYN's new handheld looks like Sony PSP, weights 320g and features Mini-LED display

AYN teases lightweight gaming handheld with Mini-LED screen

Modern PSP with modern screen. 

The gaming handheld market is evolving in many directions. There are gamers preferring high-fidelity gaming at high resolution and high frame rates, and there are retro fans whose only goal is to enjoy old titles with a touch of modern technology, such as colorful bright screens. There are also gamers who are fans of emulation and those who are used to certain designs.

AYN is seemingly preparing a product for the second group, with their new system weighing only 320 grams. AYN is introducing an alternative to AYANEO’s Pocket S, which weighs 420 grams, thus being 31% heavier than AYN’s new product.

New handheld, Source: AYN

Weight is just one of the features, but the focus is on the Mini-LED display, thus far not seen on a gaming handheld. According to AYN, the screen will offer peak brightness of 1,100 nits, a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, and 155% sRGB color gamut coverage.

New handheld, Source: AYN

According to AYN, the ‘320g’ system will not run on Windows. This means it is either Android or another Unix-based system. There is no word on the processor being used for this device, but given the form factor, it is likely not aiming at high performance.

More details are expected soon, as the company is sharing new details on their official Discord channel.

Source: AYN, Notebookcheck, Retro Handhelds


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