ASUS X670 AGESA update enables initial support for Zen5 “Granite Ridge” CPU series

ASUS X670 AGESA update enables initial support for Zen5 "Granite Ridge" CPU series

AGESA 1170 “FireRange-Pi” supports Granite Ridge CPUs

ASUS recently rolled out a firmware update for its ROG Crosshair and ROG Strix X670E motherboard series, enabling support for DDR5 memory up to a 256GB capacity. The updated firmware listed as “1170-FireRange-Pi”features an upgraded AGESA version, paving the way for compatibility with AMD’s upcoming Zen5 CPUs. Worth adding that Fire Range is the next-gen mobile platform based on the desktop Granite Ridge silicon.

The “Granite Ridge,” the next-gen series represents AMD’s desktop CPU lineup designed for the AM5 socket. AMD has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that future CPU series are supported on the existing AM5 socket, with this firmware update serving as a clear confirmation of that promise.

The AGESA update specifically applies to Granite Ridge processors bearing the CPUID of 00B40Fxx. This follows AMD’s earlier firmware update aimed at accommodating the Ryzen 8000G series APUs based on the Phoenix architecture. Notably, the initial firmware supporting these APUs was released five months prior to their official launch, just about two months ago.

AMD AM5 SMU chart, Source:Reous Innox

Thus, if Ryzen 8000G AGESA updates are any indicator, AMD Ryzen 9000 (Granite Ridge) CPUs could be released relatively soon. AMD has already confirmed to be hosting a keynote at Computex 2024, where the company typically has important updates for desktop product lineups. While it may not be the actual launch date, there is a strong chance we will hear about Zen5 series.

RUMORED AMD Zen5 CPU Series Strix Point / Strix 1 Fire Range Strix Halo Granite Ridge
Target Premium APU High-end Mobile CPU Ultimate APU Desktop CPU
Type Monolithic Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet
Ryzen Series Ryzen 8050 (?) Ryzen 9055 (?) Ryzen 9050 (?) Ryzen 9000
CPU Cores 12C (4×Zen5 + 8×Zen5c) 16× Zen5 16× Zen5 16× Zen5
GPU Cores 16CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?) 40CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?)
Default TDP ~28-54W ~55-75W ~55-120W ~65-170W
AI Perf. 45-50 TOPS ? 45-50 TOPS ?
Release Date Mid-2024 Early 2025 2025 2024 (?)

Source: ASUS, AM5 SMU charts, via HXL


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