AMD Zen5-based Strix Point and 16-core Fire Range CPUs spotted in shipping manifests

AMD Zen5-based Strix Point and 16-core Fire Range CPUs spotted in shipping manifests

AMD Strix Point and Fire Range spotted in transit

It’s raining Zen5.

It looks like AMD is moving several unreleased processors between its headquarters and labs. Something that we rarely see these days are shipping manifests that confirm anything more than a codename, but here we actually have some information that was not disclosed by AMD.

Starting with the Strix Point APU, AMD is working on two variants featuring different classes: “R7 – Ryzen 7” or “R9 – Ryzen 9”. The name “Strix128W” suggests that we are either looking at Strix Halo, the high-end APU rumored to feature 40 Compute Units, or it’s actually Strix 1 with 28W TDP, which is a mainstream mobile APU. What is clear though is that both entries confirm support for FP8 socket.

Another product that made an appearance is the “Fire Range”. As we know, AMD is set to refresh its gaming high-end APU class, targeting 55W TDP. What we are looking at are either Ryzen 8055 or Ryzen 9055 SKUs, depending on when AMD actually releases them. What’s confirmed is that the APU supports 16 cores, which is also supposedly the maximum configuration of the desktop Zen5 variant. The Fire Range SKUs are nothing else than desktop silicon on a mobile package.

Spotted AMD Zen5 APUs

  • 100-0000001335 – Strix Point (1) 28W B0 FP8 Ryzen 7
  • 100-000000994 – Strix Point (1) 28W B0 FP8 Ryzen 9
  • 100-000001028 – Fire Range 16 Core 55W B0 Ryzen 9
  • 100-000001029 – Fire Range 8 Core 55W B0 Ryzen 7

Shipping Manifest showing Strix Point and Fire Range processors, Source:@harukze5719

According to official announcements, leaks, and rumors circulating, the Strix Point series is expected to debut sometime this year. This information was recently confirmed by AMD. As for the Fire Range, a high-end mobile platform, it is reportedly aimed for release in early 2025.

RUMORED AMD Ryzen Series Hawk Point Strix Point / Strix 1 Fire Range Strix Halo Granite Ridge
Target Premium APU Premium APU High-end APU Ultimate APU Desktop CPU
Type Monolithic Monolithic Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet
Ryzen Series Ryzen 8040 (?) Ryzen 8050 (?) Ryzen 9055 (?) Ryzen 9050 (?) Ryzen 8000
CPU Cores 8× Zen4 12C (4×Zen5 + 8×Zen5c) 16× Zen5 16× Zen5 16× Zen5
GPU Cores 12CU RDNA3 16CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?) 40CU RDNA3.5 TBC
Default TDP ~28-54W ~28-54W ~55-75W ~55-120W ~65-170W
AI Perf. 16 TOPS 45-50 TOPS ? 45-50 TOPS ?
Release Date 2024 Mid-2024 Early 2025 2025 2024 (?)

Source: @harukze5719 via Wccftech


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