AMD Zen5 architecture is allegedly 40% faster core-to-core than Zen4 in SPEC benchmarks

AMD Zen5 architecture is allegedly 40% faster core-to-core than Zen4 in SPEC benchmarks

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Rumor: AMD Zen5 is 40% faster than Zen4 in SPEC benchmarks

According to reputable leaker “Kepler_L2”, AMD’s next-gen CPU architecture is said to provide (up to) 40% increase over Zen4.

AMD’s Zen 5 CPU architecture appears to be gearing up for a major improvement over its predecessor, Zen 4, according to recent reports. Kepler suggests that in SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) benchmark tests, the single-core performance of AMD Zen 5 is purportedly 40% faster than Zen 4.

However, it hasn’t been explicitly stated whether this improvement is ‘up to’ or an average figure. If true, this leap in performance would mark a substantial upgrade for AMD, echoing the company’s original aim for the Zen (1) core architecture, which initially targeted a 40% increase in IPC (Instructions Per Clock), but ultimately surpassed expectations with a remarkable 52% improvement upon release over Excavator architecture.

Kepler_L2 on Zen5, Source: Anandtech

The Zen5 architecture will power the upcoming “Granite Ridge” desktop CPUs which have recently been spotted in shipping manifests. Those CPUs will be a drop-in replacements for Raphael series based on Zen4. Users will not be required to upgrade the platform. Furthermore, Zen5 will debut under Strix Point, Strix Halo and Fire Range series on mobile platform.

Presumably the alleged SPEC performance increase is for the base Zen5 architecture, while the company is also expected to introduce Zen5c and later Zen5 with 3D V-Cache.

RUMORED AMD Zen5 CPU Series Strix Point / Strix 1 Fire Range Strix Halo Granite Ridge
Target Premium APU High-end Mobile CPU Ultimate APU Desktop CPU
Type Monolithic Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet
Ryzen Series Ryzen 8050 (?) Ryzen 9055 (?) Ryzen 9050 (?) Ryzen 9000
CPU Cores 12C (4×Zen5 + 8×Zen5c) 16× Zen5 16× Zen5 16× Zen5
GPU Cores 16CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?) 40CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?)
Default TDP ~28-54W ~55-75W ~55-120W ~65-170W
AI Perf. 45-50 TOPS ? 45-50 TOPS ?
Release Date Mid-2024 Early 2025 2025 2024 (?)

Source: AnandTech Forums


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