AMD X870 motherboards reportedly launch after Ryzen 9000 series

AMD X870 motherboards reportedly launch after Ryzen 9000 series

No X870 motherboards in July?

Motherboard companies focusing on 600-series Ryzen 9000 BIOS updates, while the 800 series is expected later.

MSI X870 series, Source: MSI Gaming

According to HardwareLuxx, AMD surprised board partners by allowing them to showcase the X870 chipset-based motherboards at Computex. During the keynote, AMD fully revealed the chipset designed for the next-generation AMD Ryzen 9000 series. Fortunately for AMD, the AM5 platform, which supports these CPUs, already exists in the form of 600-series motherboards, so the launch of newer boards does not need to be strictly aligned with the CPU launch.

There are fewer X870 boards at Computex compared to Intel’s next-generation Z890 series. This is worth noting given that Intel Arrow Lake-S (Core Ultra 200K) CPUs are not expected until Q4, while AMD Ryzen 9000 series are launching next month. Yet, interestingly, Intel did not allow any company to mention Z890, which seems like a strange decision.

Motherboards with X870 and X870E chipsets will not be available at the launch of the Ryzen 9000 processors. AMD will launch the new models using the already available boards. New motherboards are not really necessary either, as the new chipsets do not offer significant improvements or innovations. Although the Ryzen 9000 processors are supposed to enable higher memory speeds, the memory controller and the layout of the motherboard play a more crucial role than the chipset.

— Andreas Schilling, HardwareLuxx (translation)

AMD X870 motherboards had a notable, but not overwhelming, presence at Computex. At least unlike Intel-based, these boards were clearly labeled, and AMD imposed no restrictions on their reveal. However, it was clear at some booths that certain companies were unprepared for the early lifting of the embargo. For example, MSI showcased only two boards, neither of which is high-end (pictured above).

For those already using AM5 motherboards, the Ryzen 9000 series is something to look forward to and they can upgrade at any time. Those considering the most recent platform should probably wait for the updated 800-series designs, which promise improvements such as faster memory support.

Source: HardwareLuxx


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