AMD Ryzen 9050 “Strix Halo” specs leaked: 16 Zen5 cores and 40 RDNA3.5 CUs, LP5x-8000 memory and 32MB MALL cache

AMD Ryzen 9050 "Strix Halo" specs leaked: 16 Zen5 cores and 40 RDNA3.5 CUs, LP5x-8000 memory and 32MB MALL cache

AMD Strix Point and Halo specs have been leaked

According to HKEPC, a 144-page document featuring specifications of AMD Ryzen CPUs based on Strix Point and Strix Halo series has been leaked.

The document confirms the specs of both products, neither of which has been released yet. AMD is yet to unveil the full specs of its next-gen APU series based on Zen5 architecture, so this leak certainly tells us a lot more.

Starting with Strix Point (listed as STX), we have 12 Zen5 cores and 24 threads. The L2 cache is mentioned as 12MB total and L3 cache size is 24 MB. This APU will feature 8 WGP (Work Group Processors) based on RDNA3.5 architecture, which should translate into 16 Compute Units. The CPU and GPU specs are an upgrade over Phoenix/Hawk Point featuring 8 Zen4 cores and up to 8 RDNA3 CUs.

The document confirms that XDNA2 AI-Accelerator is to offer 50 TOPS (trillion operations per second), which is indeed more than 3 times faster than Hawk Point (16 TOPS) as AMD mentioned before. Furthermore, we learn that the APU will support DisplayPort 2.1 specs up to UHBR10 transmission mode. Strix Point is a 45 to 65W TDP APU, and it will use an FP8 socket. Also, worth noting that Strix Point will have 16 PCIe Gen4 lanes.

Strix Point & Halo Specs, Source: HKEPC

Moving on to Strix Halo (STX Halo), the document lists 16 cores and 32 threads based on Zen5 architecture. Similarly to STX, it would feature 1MB per core, which means 16MB of L2 cache and 32MB of L3 cache per CCD. Presumably, this APU will feature two CCDs, each with 8 Zen5 cores. The Strix Halo will also feature 32MB of MALL Cache, which should function similarly to Infinity Cache.

The APU is to support XDNA2 processor for AI, offering up to 60 TOPS. Worth noting that the figure is just for the NPU part, not the CPU & GPU. The Halo will feature support for up to DP 2.1 UHBR20 mode.

The Halo has support for 256-bit LPDDR5X-8000 memory, while Point supports up to LPDDR5x-7500 judging from the slides. According to the specs, the Halo has a 70W TDP by default, but it is mentioned that it will work up to 130W. The Halo uses FP11 socket.

AMD is currently scheduled to deliver a keynote at Computex, possibly involving updates to Zen5 for desktops and mobile series. Hopefully, this will also include Ryzen 9000 aka Strix series.

RUMORED AMD Ryzen 9000 (Zen5) CPU Series Granite Ridge Strix Point Fire Range Strix Halo
Target Desktop CPU Premium APU High-end Mobile CPU Ultimate APU
Type Multi Chiplet Monolithic Multi Chiplet Multi Chiplet
Ryzen Series Ryzen 9000 Ryzen 9050H/U (?) Ryzen 9055HX (?) Ryzen 9050 (?)
CPU Cores 16× Zen5 12C (4×Zen5 + 8×Zen5c) 16× Zen5 16× Zen5
GPU Cores 2CU RDNA2 16CU RDNA3.5 2CU RDNA2 (?) 40CU RDNA3.5
L2 Cache 16MB 12MB 16MB 16MB
L3 Cache 32MB/CCD 24MB 32MB/CCD 32MB/CCD
MALL Cache 32MB
Default TDP ~65-170W ~45-65W ~55-75W ~70W-130W
Release Date 2024 2024 2025 2025

Source: HKEPC


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