AMD lists new Instinct MI388X accelerator in SEC filing

AMD lists new Instinct MI388X accelerator in SEC filing

AMD MI388X joins CDNA3 AI accelerator lists that cannot ship to China

AMD has unveiled a new Instinct accelerator in a recent filing with the SEC. The company stated that this processor, along with other top-tier Instinct accelerators, is not authorized for shipment to China.

Given its “X” suffix, it’s likely that the MI388X is an AI accelerator rather than another high-end APU, such as the MI300A. It’s possible that the MI388X is a custom chip tailored for a specific customer or a product targeting a specific market segment. It might have been another product designed for China, but it looks like AMD did not get export permission for it either.

AMD listed the MI388X alongside the MI250, MI300X, and MI300A, none of which are permitted for shipment to China or any countries within the D5 group, as outlined by the U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security.

In October 2023, BIS issued new requirements for certain advanced computing items that apply to the export of products classified ECCN 3A090 or 4A090 to a party headquartered in, or with an ultimate parent headquartered in, any of Country Groups D1, D4 or D5, including China. These controls prevent us from shipping our AMD Instinct™ MI250, MI300X, MI300A, MI388X integrated circuits and our Versal™ VC2802, VE2802 FPGAs to China, or to customers outside of the United States whose ultimate parent is headquartered in a D5 country (including China), without a license.

— AMD in SEC Filing

AMD had previously developed a special variant intended to comply with export restrictions to China. This variant, named “MI309,” was designed to meet Commerce Department regulations, enabling AMD to ship CDNA3-based Instinct series products to China. However, the MI309 was deemed too powerful, prompting AMD to shelve plans for a China-centric chip.

As it stands, none of the CDNA3 AI accelerators are eligible for shipment to China.

Product Specifications
AMD Instinct Architecture GPU CUs CPU Cores Memory Memory Bandwidth
(Peak theoretical)
Process Node
MI300A AMD CDNA 3 228 24 “Zen 4” 128GB HBM3 5.3 TB/s 5nm / 6nm
MI300X AMD CDNA 3 304 N/A 192GB HBM3 5.3 TB/s 5nm / 6nm
MI309 AMD CDNA 3 TBC TBC TBC TBC 5nm / 6nm
Platform AMD CDNA 3 2,432 N/A 1.5 TB HMB3 5.3 TB/s per OAM 5nm / 6nm

Source: SEC


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