AMD introduces X870(E) chipset, promises AM5 updates through 2027+

AMD introduces X870(E) chipset, promises AM5 updates through 2027+

New chipsets and longer socket support

The AM5 socket is here to stay (at least until 2027).

AMD has announced it will support the AM5 socket through 2027 and beyond. This extension follows nearly eight years of support for the AM4 socket, which will continue to be supported until 2025.

Today, AMD introduced new chipsets for its next-generation AMD Ryzen 9000 processors. The new 800-series, X870 and X870E, are compatible with existing Ryzen 7000 and 8000 processors. This provides an upgrade path for those who have not yet transitioned to AM5, allowing them to adopt the 800-series now.

AM5 socket through 2027, Source: AMD

AMD’s commitment to the AM5 socket until at least 2027 suggests another major update, such as the Zen6 architecture, is likely before the company moves to a new socket.

Regarding the X870 chipset, AMD promises USB 4.0 support on all boards, along with PCIe Gen5 GPU and NVMe support on both X870E and X870 boards. The new chipset also supports faster AMD EXPO (DDR5 memory overclocking profiles), with speeds up to 8000 MT/s, as revealed by a Gigabyte leak. The main difference between the Extreme (E) and non-E variants is that the former features two chipsets and a larger port collection.

AMD has lifted the embargo on X870 motherboards, which are now being showcased by board partners at Computex. The first motherboards to be displayed include the MSI X870 Tomahawk and PRO.

MSI X870 Boards, Source: MSI

Source: AMD


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