3DMark Steel Nomad non-raytraced benchmark has been delayed to April

3DMark Steel Nomad non-raytraced benchmark has been delayed to April

Steel Nomad benchmark to released in early Q2, after facing a delay

The developer behind 3DMark GPU benchmark confirms there is a slight delay. 

UL, the developer of the benchmarking suite 3DMark, has reported a slight delay in the release of the successor to Time Spy, initially scheduled for late Q3. Named Steel Nomad (and Steel Nomad Light), this new benchmark offers a classic rasterized test without ray tracing, complementing the modern Port Royal and Speed Way benchmarks that support ray tracing technology.

The delay was confirmed through a message on Steam, where the 3DMark suite is also available. Although a specific new release date hasn’t been announced yet, it appears that Nomad may launch in April 2024.

We’re nearly there, but there’s a slight delay for Steel Nomad and Steel Nomad Light. The launch is shifting from the end of Q1 to the start of Q2, and is now probably in April 2024. Getting things right for fair cross-platform comparison when working with feedback from multiple industry partners sometimes takes longer than expected. Unlike with games, patching benchmark tests after launch in a way that affects scoring is really undesirable, so we’re taking extra care to have a test that will stand the test of time.

— UL_Jarnis on Steam

The reason behind the delay of Steel Nomad could be attributed to the validation process among various industry partners. This process becomes even more complicated for cross-platform benchmarks like Nomad. Rather than releasing the benchmark and subsequently making patches and alterations to scores, the development team is prioritizing a stable and tested scoring system that ensures comparability across all platforms.

3DMark Steel Nomad, Source: UL

When considering the release of Steel Nomad, it’s important to note that the initial launch will focus on Windows platforms, supporting DirectX 12 and Vulkan. Other platforms, such as Linux, Android, and iOS, are expected to receive the benchmark later in the year, according to the original communication from UL.

Time Spy, the existing raster-only benchmark, has amassed over 42 million test results since its release. With the introduction of Steel Nomad to additional platforms, it’s possible that this number could easily be surpassed.

Source: Steam via ComputerBase


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